Why I don’t have a zip line in my backyard

Standing along the reed covered banks of the pond behind our summer house supervising our young boys in their hunt for bull frogs; I can’t help but recall fond memories of freshly cut grass and daily excursions into the 20 acres of woods behind my childhood home. Whether riding bikes along trails with fantastic names like “Devil’s Bend” and “Lion’s Den” or climbing high into the white pines and red maples that were just out-of-site of the house, I recall the same sense of freedom a...

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Three Steps Operators Should Take Now to Improve Program Quality and Reduce Risk

Recent, highly-publicized accidents and near-misses have raised concerns about increased regulation, the likelihood of rising general liability and workers compensation premiums, and have left many operators worried about how they can best mitigate risk and prevent an accident occurring at their program. For much of the ACCT’s history, standards development has focused heavily on design, installation, and inspection of challenge course structures. Most operators have adopted these standards an...

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Zip Line vs. Zip Ride

With the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and Professional Ropes Course Association (PRCA) both introducing new standards for Zip Lines, and with the International ASTM standards organization developing standard ASTM F2959 to establish criteria for total design, manufacture and installation of aerial adventure courses (to include zip lines, challenge courses, aerial trekking courses, etc), the question arises, “It’s just a bunch of cable strung between two structures, isn...

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What Disney Does That I Really Love

I just returned from a trip to Orlando where I had the opportunity to visit Disney and other parks with my extended family. I like going to Orlando each year with my family because we span three generations and yet none of us are ever at a loss of things to do. In addition to spending quality time with family, it is also a great opportunity to see what the top players in the amusement park market are doing. Please don’t tell my wife I was secretly working the entire trip. For those th...

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