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Company NameS.T.E.P.S, , Inc.
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Phone Number1 (734) 416 1565

S.T.E.P.S., Inc. provides Adventure Education Programming to Echo Grove visitors in a variety of formats. Using the Group Initiatives/Low Ropes Course, the Climbing Tower, the two High Ropes Courses, and the Zip Line, S.T.E.P.S. will tailor a program to fit the needs of any group, from a class of fifth graders to a medical research lab. Most programs fall under one of the following headings:

Team Building
• building a sense of community
• practice in effective collaboration
• improving group communication and problem solving

Leadership Training
• project management
• meeting challenges and accepting responsibility
• fostering excellence

Character Development and Seasoning
• taking reasonable risks
• recovering from failure and mistakes
• building inner strength

Outdoor Skill Development
• climbing technique
• use of technical fall protection equipment
• map and compass

• shared fun
• new experiences

Adventure Education Programs can be tailored to the needs and goals of a variety of populations and organizations, among them the following:
• Elementary School and Middle School Students
• Junior High and High School Classrooms and Leadership Groups
• School Teams
• Community Recreation: Sports Leagues, Day Camps
• Community Youth Groups including scouts and service clubs
• Church Youth and Fellowship groups
• Youth Assistance Programs
• Adjudicated Youth
• Teachers
• Organizational Development Trainers
• Workplace Units
• Project and Management Teams
• Agency Boards

Adventure Education Programs can be scheduled for a variety of purposes and for varying lengths of time:
• School Field Trips: half-day or full-day
• Organizational Outings: half-day or full-day
• Weekend Retreats
• Leadership Retreats: one or more days
• Sales Meetings
• In-Service Programs, Staff Planning and Development Days
• Conferences and Conventions
• Athletic Training Camps
• Specialty Camps

Fees vary are dependent upon group make-up and size and upon program length and content.

Contact S.T.E.P.S. : (734)416-1565

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